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Marine Insurance is a protection against the happening of accidental or fortuitous events.

It covers the risk of incidental to transportation of goods by various modes whether by sea or by air or by land.

Marine policies are subject to the Institute Cargo Clauses A, B & C

By Sea Freight

Clause A
  • Fire & Explosion
  • Vessel/Craft being Stranded, Grounded sunk or capsized
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By Air Freight

Clause A
  • It covers the cargo against “All Risks”

Clause C
  • It covers the cargo in case of total loss of the craft

By Land

  • Land Transit All Risks
  • Standard Land Transit clause covers only derailment, collision, fire, overturning of truck and earthquake

Extensions to all Marine Institute clauses which can be bought separately

Institute War Clauses
  • War, Civil War (always on board of vessel)
  • Capture, seizure, arrest
  • Derelict weapons of war

Institute Strikes Riots and Civil Commotions (SRCC)

Extension to cover goods for war on land
  • War
  • War on Land

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