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Health insurance covers the medical expenses resulting from sickness or injury

Assuhealth Program

The Assuhealth program is a comprehensive health insurance product. It covers the treatment of healthcare conditions incurred following sickness and/or accidents.

The territoriality of the coverage is throughout the Middle East, North Africa and France. The basic plan under this program is the In-Hospital plan. Additional but optional covers can also be selected. These include the Ambulatory, the Prescription Medicines and the Doctor visits Plans.


  • USD 1,000,000 coverage per person per year
  • All diagnostic endoscopic procedures and all surgical procedures
  • One-day treatment basis (endoscopy, gastroscopy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc.)
  • Emergency treatments (medical/ surgical) are fully integrated under this plan
  • Pre-operative tests are covered under the In-Hospital Plan
  • Physiotherapy treatment related to a covered hospitalization
  • Maternity is covered after 300 days waiting period (unless continuity is provided). When it is covered, babies are granted a Guaranteed Renewability from day one, whatever their state of health is. They are covered free of charge till the end of the current contract
  • Coverage of Parental Accommodation benefit that provides a "free of charge" extra-bed for one parent accompanying a confined child aged less than 18y
  • All emergency hospitalization abroad will be covered up to USD 65’000.00 per person per year. This additional cover excludes pre-existing cases and includes international assistance served by AXA Assistance
  • Additional features: Nursery/Incubator for newborn covered with no limitation of days, Transient Neonatal Jaundice, Dialysis sessions for Acute Renal Failure (initial admission), Surgery related to Cornea transplant, valves relating to heart surgery, unlimited prosthesis related to post-traumatic accidents, prosthesis following sickness limited to USD 30,000 per prosthesis, epidurals related to covered maternities...
  • The major feature of this plan is the Lifetime Guaranteed Renewability, which gives the insured a lifetime cover free of specific exclusion or limitation, whatever his state of health is. This GR feature is granted as from day 1 for all medically eligible adherents below age 64. Others will be subject to a one-year waiting period


Ambulatory (AM)
Assurex covers at either 85% or 100% the Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests with unlimited number of transactions which do not require a stay in the hospital. The services are done through Nextcare Network covering all the Lebanese territories.

Diagnostic Tests includes the following: Radiology, C.T. scan, MRI, VCT 64, Pet Scan, Ultrasonography, Laboratory tests, Nuclear medicine tests, Electroencephalogram, Electrocardiogram, Electromyogram, Audiogram, Stress test, Evoqued response, Occular Angiography, Thallium Myocardic Scintigraphy, Echocardiography, Holter monitoring.

Prescription Medicines (PM)
Assurex cover at 85% the Prescription Medicines with unlimited number of transactions. It is an optional rider to our Assuhealth Product. Using the medical access card, you can get your prescribed medicines from the nearest pharmacy with NextCare’s network.

The cover includes and are subject to the following:
  • Medications registered and approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Health and prescribed by your attending physician
  • Easy access to the wide network of pharmacies
  • Eligibility to benefit from the GR feature which entitles you to the chronic medications such as Diabetes, Hypertension….

Doctor’s Visits (DV)
The Doctor’s Visit benefit is an optional rider. It cover the physician’s consultations fees.

The main advantages of the DV plan are the following:
  • Medical consultations at any registered physician’s clinic.
  • In clinic diagnostic services (under the AM benefit).
  • Vaccinations (under the PM benefit).
  • 10 transactions per person per year with a maximum of USD 40.- per consultation.


The Third Party administrator is NEXTCARE Lebanon s.a.l
Phone: +961 1 504000
Hotline: +961 3 293299
Fax: +961 1 498323

Assuhealth + Program

Same as our Assuhealth product but with these additional features:
  • Organ transplantation, including bone marrow transplantation, up to USD 100,000
  • Mental or psychiatric disorders, nervous breakdowns, and psychological tests or evaluation are covered up to USD 15,000
  • Infertility Treatment if not diagnosed nor treated is covered up to USD 10,000.- per person per year
  • Parkinson surgery (excluding treatment) is covered up to USD 15,000.- per person per year


The Third Party administrator is NEXTCARE Lebanon s.a.l
Phone: +961 1 504000
Hotline: +961 3 293299
Fax: +961 1 498323

GRC Plan

You can purchase the GRC policy while you are covered in the group to benefit from the guaranteed renew-ability feature once you have it. You can at anytime convert to the assuHEALTH individual plan regardless of your state of health. 

Relay Plan

RELAY® is an individual/family policy that targets members who are enrolled in a compulsory or individual scheme and are seeking additional cover and future safety net. It is a product designed to complement their individual or group insurance cover for the treatment of critical illnesses and allow for a switch from their group insurance to an individual health insurance plan, without worrying about their health condition at the time of conversion. The product also includes an Additional Medical Services benefit.

The territoriality of this product is the Middle-East and Africa (MEA) region
The Conversion option is a benefit that insures the conversion to assuHEALTH, our Individual/Family healthcare insurance product, with a Guaranteed Renewability feature no matter the health status of the insured is at the time of the conversion. So it is intended for individuals/families insured under a compulsory group plan or under individual policies, wishing to obtain a future local insurance policy with a lifetime Guaranteed Renewability (GR) feature. The conversion is guaranteed to the In-Hospital plan only.

Critical Illness Coverage
This coverage is a built-in feature of RELAY®. It covers the treatment cost of the covered illnesses and not a lump sum. The policyholder can select the number of illnesses to be covered (6 or 10), with or without deductible (USD 3,000). The financial limitation under this coverage is USD 300,000.00 Per Person, Per Year.

The critical illnesses covered are:
  • Cancer
  • Coronary Artery (Bypass) Surgery
  • Stroke
  • Aorta (Surgery of Aorta)
  • Heart Valve Replacement
  • Major Organ Transplantation

The additional 4 diseases are:
  • Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction) – Acute treatment
  • Major Burns
  • Surgical treatment of patients with polytrauma
  • Major Septics

Medical Assistance such as:
  • Referral to leading medical facilities and hospitals
  • Organization of ground and air ambulances
  • Assistance during hospitalisation
  • Physician-to-physician consultation
  • Medical supervision and monitoring
  • Air ambulance.
  • Medical air attendance.
  • Body repatriation
  • Cost containment
  • Organization of plane and railway tickets, hotel reservation
  • Cash advances (to be repaid)
  • Referral to interpreters or/and experts, legal assistance

Second Medical Opinion
  • On behalf of an eligible member, ASSUREX will arrange a personal second opinion report in writing: analysis, treatment options, recommendations
  • Report is only issued by medical experts whose skills are appropriate for the case
  • The VIPmed Medical Opinion is based on relevant medical information (e.g. medical reports), enclosed to the request
  • Additional services (e.g. Find Expert Care, Translation Service) can be supplemented if desired by the client

Healthcare Hotline
  • Provides medical information about frequent illnesses, diagnostics and therapy, alternative therapies and suggestions for support in prescribed therapy
  • Hotlines for special subjects (vaccinations, infectious diseases, prevention)
  • Explanations about effects and side-effects of medication
  • Professional and systematic steerage to medical network providers or into Disease Management Programmes
  • Patient support in searching suitable treatment facility
  • Arrangement of appointments

For more info "call" +961 1 982000, Monday Till Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m or "email"

Relay Application Form - English (243 kb)

Expat Plan

Expacare is one of the world’s longest established international health insurance organisations, providing a range of flexible healthcare benefits for people with international lifestyles.

A wide range of flexible international health insurance plans to meet your needs and requirements.

Benefits Include
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Hospital services
  • Treatment for cancer
  • Chronic conditions
  • Consultations & diagnostic services
  • Prescription drugs/vaccinations/HRT
  • Maternity care/Treatment for birth defects & congenital illness
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dental treatment

Expacare Group Plans
Expacare realise that no two companies are the same, that is why we offer a range of plans, designed to suit your needs, whether you are a small business sending your first employee overseas, or an established worldwide employer seeking to cover thousands of your staff wherever they may be in the world, Expacare has a solution to your healthcare needs.

For more contact us on +961 1 982000, Monday Till Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m or send us an email on .

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