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Cash in safe
It covers the loss of money (banknotes, checks...) which could be found in the safe &/or in cash registers(up to a certain limit), due to:
  • fire
  • burglary following forcible entry
  • hold-up

Cash in transit
This Policy covers the Insured against loss of cash, in transit, and meaning banknotes and cheques only, up to the limit stated in the Special Conditions, when said loss is due to theft duly justified by a police report. The term theft shall mean robbery committed with murder, attempt of murder, or use of physical violence or robbery perpetrated under circumstances of "Force Majeure" (such as road traffic accidents, sudden illness, black-out) occuring to the Insured's employees who are authorized to carry cash, in transit, belonging to the Insured, or for his account between the banks,his clients and his premises.

Fidelity guarantee
It covers the loss of money sustained by the Insured as a result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by his employees in the course of their duties.

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