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Motor Claims Assistance + 961 1 208181
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The Expatriate Program is a combined insurance policy that covers foreign workers in Lebanon according to the requirements of the Lebanese Ministry of Labor. The insurance contract is issued for a duration of one year.

The Benefits:
  • Hospitalization following sickness or accident in third Class up to USD 23,333.- per case per year.One laboratory test is covered at 100%
  • Life Insurance including corpse repatriation in case of death up to USD 8,000.- to be paid to the legal heirs
  • Partial & Permanent Disablement (PPD) / Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) following accidents:
    - TPD : up to USD 10,000
    - PPD : a % of USD 10,000.- (according to a scale of disability)
  • Repatriation following the demand of the concerned Lebanese authorities

The Network:
  • Full Network : including all hospitals
  • Limited network: excluding the faculty Hospitals

An optional Ambulatory Plan is also available: three transactions per assured for 85% coverage.

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