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Assurex offers Life Insurance that covers the risk of the insured following death.

Life Insurance (AssuLife)

Assurex offers Life Insurance that covers the risk of the insured following death due to accident or sickness within a specified period of time. It is non-refundable coverage for a person's life. It originaly provides a lump-sum payment to the insured person's dependents in the event of premature death but it later came to include coverage for permanent or partial disability.

Life insurance is paid out only if the insured person dies or is disabled (when covered-). If the insured person does not die within the specified time period, the collected premiums cannot be recovered.

Life insurance can be tailored to the insured's requirements and needs with a variety of optional additional covers. Life insurance is often taken out to protect your family, to pay off a mortgage or to ensure an income for family members.

The main riders that can be added optionally to the basic cover are:
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Additional Accidental Benefit
  • Passive War Risk
  • Renewability
  • Critical Illness

Of course we can tailor made and customize coverage to suit any budget while AssuLife offers you a 24 h protection and peace of mind.

Personal Accidents Insurance Proposal Form - English (34 kb)

Main Exclusions

  • Suicide (first 2 years)
  • Following War or Warlike operations (unless covered)
  • Atomic, Biological and Chemical (ABC)

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